Your token on O3

We love supporting open source projects and NEP-5 tokens in our application. However, listing tokens comes with its own set of challenges. Namely, that we cannot effectively test contracts (tokens) that we have no control over.

This leads to many support inquiries that take away from our bandwidth, and are difficult to resolve. With the rapid growth of the NEP-5 economy, this is quickly becoming unsustainable.

To that end we are asking all teams that want to see their token on O3 to please contact us, so that we can work together to create a great first experience on the listing. No more “I can’t see my token, what is going on” or “My transfer isn’t going through”

If your favorite project is not on O3, please ask the team responsible for the token to reach out to us.

All teams or users can reach us with the links below

Email us

Supported NEP5