Take Control of Your Assets

Be empowered by a user friendly cryptocurrency light wallet that puts you in charge.

Built for the NEO and Ontology blockchains, O3 is your gateway to the Smart Economy of the future.

Open a world of possibilites

With O3, you can access a whole ecosystem of assets, apps, news, & communities.

Your assets in one place

Manage all your NEO, Ontology, GAS, ONG, NEP-5 and OEP-8 in a simple, user friendly interface that supports multiple wallets.

Awesome apps

O3’s application platform allows users to connect with awesome apps without having to share sensative data, like Private Keys with third parties.

Stay in the loop

Get the latest NEO & Ontology news, and token details, so that you are always up to date with the ecosystem & latest projects.

Make deals

Depositing, withdrawing and trading your favourite tokens has never been easier or safer, with full integration with Switcheo’s DEX trading API.

Fiat & Crypto On-ramp

O3 is the first wallet in the NEO/ONT ecosystem that allows users to purchase with popular cryptocurrencies and via credit card.

  Buy with Crypto

  Buy NEO with Fiat

O3 Scan

Always up to date and correct, O3’s custom blockchain explorer is the best way to track your assets across NEO, Ontology and various smart contracts.

  O3 Scan

Hang with O3

Hit up our O3 community or join the VIP Lounge chat on Discord to hang with the team by making a small donation to our project.


  VIP Lounge

Want to build something with O3?

Are you a developer, working on a cool app or project that could benefit from integrating with a leading wallet and it’s 10,000s of users?

Check out the documentation or give us a shout and let’s chat!


Made with ❤️ in Tokyo
O3 is an open source project, dedicated to making the vision of the Smart Economy a reality.

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