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Manage, Exchange, Stake & Buy your favorite assests. Link blockchain applications in seconds.


Multi-chain assets management has never been easier. Whether it’s BTC, NEO, ETH, or ONT, O3 has them all.

DeFi gateway

With our fully integrated dAPI, accessing DeFi services takes no effort. Let’s get the job done without leaving the app.

Fiat on-ramp

Use your local currency to purchase BTC, ETH, NEO, and other top cryptos. Credit card accepted.

Voting & Staking

As we sail towards Neo3, get your tokens ready for delegating validators and earning rewards.

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Entered Open Beta 2017.10
Added multi currency support 2018.02
Started a forum for Neo and O3 at community o3.network 2018.03
Partners with Switcheo You can access Switcheo from right within O3 2018.07
Released O3 Desktop for macOS and Windows 2018.08
Fully integrated native trading functionality 2018.10
Added O3 Swap 2019.01
NFTs came to O3 2019.03
Added fiat gateway and O3 explorer 2019.05
Supports BTC, ETH, and more with Coinbase 2019.07
Implemented dApp Provider Interface to make trading on Switcheo easier 2019.08
iOS client was removed from the App Store due to a trademark dispute with a non-blockchain related company 2020.02
O3 Lab is invigorated with new blood 2020.04
Redesigned back-end architecture 2020.06
O3 Brand Reshaped 2020.08
Achieves cross-chain support via adding BTC/ETH 2020.Q3-Q4
Supports Neo3 and NEO staking 2020.Q4-2021.Q1
Provides DeFi entry services with fully integrated dAPI 2021.Q1-Q2


O3 doesn’t store your private key outside your device. No one touches your funds except you.


O3 doesn’t require you to have an account. Your identity remains a mystery.


Day or night, our support team is always ready to help you get things fixed.